We represent businesses with annual cash flow or EBITA of $500,000 and more. Our PBBN service has a large collection of professional buyers for your business.


We represent businesses with annual cash flow of $100,000 to $500,000. Our NAABB Lending Network of lenders can finance buyers so you don't have to.


We can help smaller, cash or distressed businesses either grow into a quality business or sell quickly under our BEST OFFER scenarios.


Our Business Buyer NDA allows our quality business buyers to expedite the Non Disclosure process by completing an online qualification & NDA.

The Tiffin Group



Too many business owners sell when it's too late. A business is valued at current value not on the best years.


Too many business owners are not prepared to sell. Proper financials are required to value and finance a business.


Too many business owners underestimate the importance of tight confidentiality.


Too many business owners fail to understand the buyer qualification standards.


Too many business owners delay their sale with a false belief that there is no financing going on. And this ruins the timing.


Too many business owners are ill prepared to provide direction during the sales process. This includes financial direction.


Too many business owners harm their business by failing to maintain it.


Too many business owners underestimate the importance of a quality broker.

  • We have advanced normal business brokering services by creating a representation service rather than a listing service. And we are selective with whom we represent and we only represent businesses that we feel strongly that we can sell.

  • We do not charge any upfront fees to represent our business sellers. Our philosophy has always been to earn our fee through a job well done..

  • No because we adhere to the industry's strongest code of confidentiality before - during - after the sale as the new owner does not want us making the sale public nor does the former owner want his laundry aired in public. We'd advise you to be leery of anyone offering seller references. For a reference on us contact NAABB Owner Scott Radin at scottradin@naabb.biz or text him to (716) 472-2684.

  • Our fee is based on the overall picture of the business and will be quoted after a complimentary business market valuation has been completed. It would not be fare to you or us to quote a fee before we get a complete understanding of your business


The Tiffin Group provides a wide array of services.

Business Valuations

 Get the current market value on a business..

Business Investment

 We can find you a partner to help grow your business..

Business Branding

 We can help scale out your profitable brand..

Buyer Representation

 Buyers can hire us to represent them in a transaction.


We specialize in the confidential sale of existing businesses to qualified buyers. And we are certified by the North American Alliance of Business Brokers.


We adhere to the strictest confidentiality process in the industry. A qualified buyer must sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.


We can reach virtually every seeking a business for sale through our vast network and resources.


We can help get the buyers of our quality businesses get financed meaning you don't have to unless you want to.

The Tiffin Group is NAABB Certified

Proud to be part of the North American Alliance of Business Brokers.

The Tiffin Group - James Tiffin, Broker Owner

The North American Alliance of Business Brokers (NAABB) certifies that The Tiffin Group has completed the NAABB certification requirements and remains in good standing. Choosing a NAABB Certified Broker  lets you know the business brokerage complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NAABB.

Business sellers nationwide take the confidentiality of their business for sale for granted because of five letters. NAABB. NAABB certification is your key to making sure that your projects meet strict standards for a professional and confidential transition.

From extensive training to maintaining the highest of ethical cores, NAABB Certified Brokers are monitored for quality and proper procedures. Failure to maintain quality and procedure would result in discontinuance of their NAABB Certificate. If for any reason a NAABB Certified Broker fails to meet one or more certification criteria, NAABB will take strict actions to protect you. If you have any issue with this NAABB Certified Broker please contact NAABB Owner Scott Radin at scottradin@naabb.biz or by phone / text to (716) 472-2684